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i I have tnbc & brca1, diagnosed October 2020. .  I have had chemo, surgery, rt .  I am currently on olaparib.  My cancer has metastasised to my lungs & brain, but olaparib is keeping it stable. The cancer also spread to my soft tissue in leg, tumour removed 18 months ago.  I was told this was rare to spread there.  I have just found another lump in leg, which feels the same, waiting for consultant to call me back.  Anyone else had tnbc spread to leg soft tissue? 

  • Hi, sorry to hear of your diagnosis, that must be tough. I must admit as don't have this experience myself, but I wondered if you were aware that there is a secondary breast cancer forum which might have a better chance of people with a similar experience,  here's the link in case you don't have it Secondary breast cancer group. Best wishes 

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