Got a call today to go for appt Tuesday

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Been waiting for over 3 weeks for my calfications biosopy results got a call for an appt Tuesday, I had biosopy last October for same thing same breat and they phoned me with my results saying all fine so thinking it as turned out to be cancer with them wanting to see me any advice on how to handle the appt and any questions I should ask thank you lovely people zx

  • They may want to give you options about the breast calcifications.  I have them. In 2015 one area 11mm removed as DCIS found.  Other area benign. I've had recalls to check stability of other smaller calcifications. 

    What to ask will depend on what they tell you.  Are they increasing in number or size.  Are they adopting a watching strategy.  If so are then any risks of repeated scans .  

    Good luck.  

  • Thank you just last August had biosopy done for calfications and they phoned me with my results saying all OK. I am just trying to prepare myself .silly me went on goggle abd read all sorts about calfications xxxx hope you doing OK xx

  • Click on my name & you'll see my profile.  Google our enemy!

    From what I understand calcifications are normal & can be caused by injury & benign but also very early cancer or pre cancerous calls.  They biopsy to see what is going on.  When I had my surgery woman in next bed having calcifications removed which biopsy said were benign but surgeon wanted them out to be safe. 

  • Thank you sorry for asking loads of questions .xxx

  • Don’t apologise for asking questions. The only way to gather information and reassurance is to ask. Everyone on the forum is going through a difficult journey and it’s fantastic to see them all supporting each other. The best way to tackle anything is to understand it as fear of the unknown blows it up inour minds to an unsumountable obstacle.

    i hope your appointment goes well.

  • No apology needed.  I know the middle of night "what if" and this is a safe place to ask your questions and voice your deepest thought.  I stick around 9 years on as I still get the "what if's " plus i think it's important for those at referral, test stage to hear from ladies many years down the line.  

    So ask away & let us know how you get on.  The waiting is the worst bit xx

  • Thank you feeling a bit anxious for tomorrow xxx

  • That’s only to be expected. I hope it goes well for you.

  • Hi scouse 4 how have you got on today at clinic? Hope its all gone well for you xxx


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