Recently diagnosed on this journey

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Hi all just want to say hi am recently starting treatment and exploration of breast cancer, so hoping that some of you will be able to help with thoughts and chats if need. 
happy to speak and chat also sayle.

  • Hi Sayle,sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.I was diagnosed with TBNC March 28th,so on the chemotherapy journey at present.This community is wonderful and has been such a comfort to myself. Please reach out to the wonderful people on here.One tip,do not google if you can help.I made that mistake,only to be told by my team that the research is outdated.Also people.with good news are not heard,only the worst outcome.Take care Lisa xx

  • I disagree with not researching. But do your internet searches of actual research. Even if you don't fully understand what your reading, take notes. bookmark the sites.

    And read things on this site of what people are actually going through. But don't live in the vacuum of just what your 'team' says. 

    As soon as I got my test results (before the team explained them to me....(two weeks later), I already knew all about my kind of cancer, all the treatments, all the side effects, all the studies that had been done and when. So by the time they gave me a very dumbed down version of my cancer, I was armed with enough information to ask questions.