No chemo?

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Has anyone gone through a mastectomy and then not had chemo? I was told this was a possibility at my last appointment. I have to say I’ve only had 3 hospital appointments for breast cancer and each time they have told me something different, I don’t find this very reassuring. TIA Karri

  • Hi Karri I had a mastectomy on my right side and radiotherapy. If you click on my profile it’ll tell you all my treatment so far. I also have a friend that had hormone therapy and a right side mastectomy. So both no chemo. I think it depends on what type of cancer and stage.It can be confusing at the start until all tests are completed and your case has been discussed. Hopeful you’ll get a treatment plan sorted soon. Take care


  • Hi Karri

    i had a r/s mastectomy on Tuesday. I need to wait 4-5 weeks for my results. I’ve been advised that I will probably have radiotherapy and hormone treatment. They will know after the rest of the tests they are doing whether or not chemo will be advisable. They don’t always n ed to use chemo especially if margins are clear and there’s no evidence of cancer in lymph nodes. I personally am hoping to avoid it.

  • I have a cousin who only had a mastectomy so chemo may not be needed. It all depends on the severity of the cancer and if it’s in the lymph nodes. 

  • Thank you. I am early in this journey so any information is very appreciated x

  • I know someone . Mastectomy sometimes because size of your breast/ tumour (s) 

  • It’s certainly a roller coaster non of us want to be on best thing to do is keep talking and asking questions everyone on the forum has been fantastic answering questions and sharing their stories. I e found it very reassuring.

  • Hi MamaHill, I do hope your results are favourable and that you’re recovering well from surgery. Thanks so much for your reply, there are so many of going through this, I like that we are helping each other x

  • Hey Karri,

    I have triple negative and plan to only have a mastectomy as soon as my assigned surgeon will schedule it. No chemo. But it's a personal choice. Chemo was pushed on me but my choice is to not do it.

    This whole thing is a crap shoot and scary as all get out. And it can feel like you are all alone in this, but you aren't. A friend told me about this community and just checking in here every couple of days makes me feel less alone. 

    Take this waiting time to do your own research. And once you decide what you want to do based on your research, your body and your life... trust yourself.

  • Hi CJ W, I had another appointment yesterday where they explained how they decide who chemo would help, perhaps you have had this same explanation? My surgery is on June 10th and after the mass is tested they will tell me the results, once I have that information I will decide. As you say, trust yourself, I would like to add be good to yourself . A confusing time to say the least and so good to have the support of others like you who are going through the same process, take care, Kx

  • Great you have reached the decision that is right for you. Only thing I would caution is that you may have an issue should you wish to travel with travel insurance. One of the questions that pops up is have you ever declined any treatment.