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Hi everyone, 

I'm 35, Mum of 2 and have been referred to the breast clinic. I went to the GP as my breasts had been itchy for a month or so. I presumed it was a bit of dry skin/irritation and they would prescribe me some cream and I'd be on my way. However, upon a breast examination, the trainee GP said she felt something. Her mentor then checked and confirmed they had found a fixed lump in my left lower quadrant. Her words were "deep seated, fixed lump". I was, and still am, in shock as I regularly check my breasts due to a friend passing a few years back. I have a breast clinic appointment on Tuesday afternoon at my local hospital and I am petrified. I have never been before and have no idea what to expect. Too scared to google it either! Would anyone have any advice as to what to expect or anything else to make the appointment go as smoothly as possible? 

Thank you 

  • Hello SB88 , so sorry that you find yourself here . It’s good news that you’ve got an appointment Tuesday , less time to worry .
    The worst bit is the unknown.

    I’m a bit older than you , so someone might pop on who is a similar age but I had a mammogram , then ultrasound. You usually see a breast consultant first .

    It might be a cyst ( I had one drained ) or another benign lump . If they aren’t sure , they will do a biopsy . They numb the area first , so it’s not as bad as it sounds Blush.

    Do you have someone that can go to the appointment with you ? X 

  • Thank you for responding. Yes my Mum & my husband are coming with me x

  • That’s good . I have my fingers and toes crossed for you . Let us know how you get on x 

  • Hi, They are all very nice at breast clinic.  They do an examination, then a mammograph and then if they see anything they may do a biopsy but this is not too unpleasant as they numb it. I then saw the doctor again and she explained that it would be sent away and answered any questions. I had a telephone call a week later to go to the clinic 2 days later and they explained the results. I had to have a mastectomy and nodes removed because my breast was not very big but it could have been a lumpectomy otherwise.  I had that 3 weeks ago and have recovered very well, no pain and very quickly got movement back. Am now waiting to see if I need chemo. It is very scary at the beginning but I have found everyone very supportive and things have happened as quickly as possible. Hope this helps and you have good news when you

  • I was the same. I had a rash and didn’t feel a lump so was shocked by what happened after. When I went to the clinic they did an ultrasound and biopsy. The samples were sent off and I got the results 2 weeks after. They may do that instead of a mammogram due to our age. The staff are friendly. I just thought they’d do it just to rule out an infection. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about but if it is they can treat it and cure it. Good luck x

  • Hi SB88

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you may have breast cancer.

    Wishing you the very best of luck with your breast clinic appointment.

     Best wishes


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  • Good luck.  I was referred age 40 for lump under my armpit.  I had mammogram & ultra sound then saw Dr.  It was an innocent fat pad so sent on my way.  Totally unrelated I had recall from my first routine screening.  This was a magnified mammogram, then saw Dr then had a biopsy on two areas if calcifications.  I was seated clamped into mammogram machine for these.  They'll give you a generous dose of local so painless.  I had results a week later 1 area DCIS & other benign .  

    Beware your husband usually will not be allowed in with you while you wait for scans etc.  In both my screening unit and clinic they take patients only into second waiting area where they direct you to a changing room to remove top & bra and out on short tie front gown.  You then sit in the waiting area with other ladies and called in one by one, then return to sit there and will be called in when Dr reviewed scans.  They often do ultra sound then to verify their findings - good or bad .  So remember to wear trousers or skirt else you'll be sitting there in your knickers ! 

  • Welcome to the group that no one wants to be in. You've done the right thing and NOT googled...stuff is out of date or worst case scenarios and you would have yourself diagnosed with all sorts. They are very kind and patient at the breast clinic and others have told you what to expect...which is what happened at my 1st breast clinic.

    I think the stage you are at was the worst part for me. The waiting for appointments and results. Never feel a nuisance and phone up your clinic or BCN (Breast clinic nurse) whenever ur confused, worried or needing answers. Honestly they don't mind and it's your body, and your life. 

    I did end up having a mastectomy earlier this year (having been diagnosed last year...lovely xmas and new year that was!). I opted for an immediate tissue reconstruction. But the support I got was phenomenal and am still getting from the BCN and physio. I'm OK now all the cancer has gone and no need for chemo or radio, just a bit of reshaping and nipple tattoo (my hubbie suggested getting a rosette saying best in show - we have to find the funny side). But everyone is different. Years ago I had a lump that wasnt cancerous. Hoping that's the case for you. But if not, they are very good at treatments nowadays. Don't let this define you no matter what. Wishing you the best of luck on Tues. Big hugs and remember you are not alone. Xxxx

  • Hi, I’m new here. I felt exactly the same. Lumpectomy operation tomorrow and I’m terrified, I don’t know how long it will take for operation or how long it will take to heal, dreading it. 

  • Hi B, please try not to worry . I’d never had an op before , everyone was lovely . You’ll be sore for a few days .


    Takr paracetamol regularly, keep it in your system 

    if you take codeine , take a senna with it

    Do your arm exercises from day 2, religiously ( after a painkiller ). Breast cancer now have a booklet online , if you aren’t given any

    i slept on a v pillow . Rest your op arm on a normal pillow .

    Be kind to yourself , the an anaesthetic stays in your  body for a few days . You will be tired .

    Wear your post surgery bra all the time , even in bed .

    Let us know how you get on x