Radiotherapy: timing of after effects

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I’ve just finished a five day course of radiotherapy. No ill effects so far but I’ve been warned it may be a couple of weeks before I feel the full effects (if any) in terms of pain/inflammation. 
I have a foreign holiday booked in two weeks and wonder how manageable the pain is likely to be. 

I’m not so bothered about the potential for exhaustion as I can take it easy once we get to our destination but I’m worried about the possible level of paiN

Any thoughts please 

  • Hi

    I had a 10 day course of radiotherapy and didn't get any pain or suffer from exhaustion. I did continue light exercise eg walking throughout my treatment so don't know if that helped.

    Enjoy your holiday 

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  • Hi SEE, I had 15 days of radiotherapy plus boosts on each sessions. I used Aveeno and aloe Vera throughout and continued for some time after. Whilst my boob went a bit red it wasn’t particularly sore or painful. I carried on working throughout and would have treatment and go straight on to work. I did also have some sore bones but this was only if I touched them. If I didn’t touch I would never have known. I did experience much tiredness or exhaustion like some people seem to say they get. I drank plenty of water too. Everyone seems to experience side effects differently but for me radiotherapy was never really any problem. Enjoy your holiday and keep covered in the sun.

    Higs from cuffcake x x x x x

  • Thanks. So far I’ve had nothing more than a bit of “pinkness” after radiotherapy. After surgery (I had two ops) I healed really really quickly with very little pain other than whilst the drain was in place so I can’t help but think I’ve been very lucky. I’m just worried I won’t carry on being so lucky. So fingers crossed. 

  • I will be starting radiotherapy 15 sessions over 3 weeks ,

    please has anyone had this after mastectomy and reconstruction and has it affected the implant or breast shape ?

    many thanks in advance Pray

  • Hi, I had 15 sessions, following mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with an implant 

    I had some contraction but haven't had the implant replaced 

    Best wishes x 

  • My after effects from the 5 day protocol only came out about 7 weeks after treatment, in the form of a burn along any area with skin overlap (eg the underside) and also in the scar tissue. It was like bad sunburn with a couple of peeling cycles. Not painful though. 

  • Thanks for this info. Have 5 days ahead of me and a tad apprehensive. Second Lumpectomy was in April, 3 years after my first. Keep thinking 5 days is nothing to what others have to cope with so grateful for that. Have been seeing contradicting info of when to use bio-oil, etc. Seeing positive thoughts for Aveeno cream so will order some first. Good to be aware you had the burn marks 7 weeks after treatment!

  • I had 5 days back in Nov unfortunately still suffering the side effects, my oncologist has said people react differently to radiotherapy, so hopefully your experiences will be better x