All still feels surreal

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Hi everyone. Thought I’d come on here and introduce myself. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 tubular breast cancer at the end of September after going to my doctor with a change in the appearance of my breast when I lifted my arm up. Haven’t ever been able to feel a lump and neither has any of the countless medical professionals who’ve done an examination. I’m due for my lumpectomy tomorrow and have had a seed inserted as well as the radiation tracer. 
it all still feels a bit surreal as it seems to have happened so quickly (thank goodness).desperate for tomorrow to come so I can get this thing out of me. 
Am interested hearing stories from anyone else who has had/has tubular cancer as I was told by my surgeon that it’s quite rare. 

  • I don't have any experience of tubular cancer, but just wanted to send you best wishes for your op. tomorrow.  I do know how surreal it all feels though...

  • Thank you! That’s really kind of you. 

  • Hi,

    I hope all went well for you with your op and you'reon the best road - the one to recovery. I know exactly what you mean about wanting the thing out of you! I was like that about my lump. Once I'd found it and knew it was sitting there trying to hide, it grew horns and pointy teeth - became a monster. It's gone now though.

    I'm likely not the best to give advice in staying positive. I can say it but haven't really practiced it however, it is incredible what can be done which is a positive. This forum has already helped me not feel so isolated and understand better that sadly, this is a big club, full of special people who send out really positive vibes and excellent advice.

    Good luck with it all xx

  • Thank you! It all went really well today so now it’s recovery and the long wait for the MDT appointment which will be in two weeks time. Think this has been the hardest thing for me - the waiting between each appointment. 
    best thing about today is that it’s OUT of me (you’re right about imagining it having horns and teeth ;-)

    Take care xx

  • Hello, I just read your post and I also had tubular breast cancer stage 1a. I had a lumpectomy in Feb and finished 5 radiation sessions in May. I too was told it is a rare type of cancer and was baffled by it. I also had uterine cancer (tubular) at same time and had hysterectomy 3.5 wks before the lumpectomy.

    I'm interested in hearing from others who also have/had tubular cancer and their experience. Best to you.