New job with cancer diagnosis

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Hello all lovely people, and help really appreciated.  I am due to start a new job on Monday and since I accepted this 2 weeks ago have had a breast cancer diagnosis and told today stage 2 with an operation mid August!  I am also waiting an MRI scan. I am due to start a new job on Monday and although I k ow they can’t discriminate against cancer, I feel bad and no idea how to approach them.  I did call the helpline tonight but advised there is a 3 day call back waiting list for employment advise. My head is in a spin and am at a loss.  Had anyone else been in this situation?
thank you in advance and love to all xx 

  • Hi Kimbers77,

    First May I say congratulations on your new job, that’s great news. 

    I know it must be difficult to know what to do, especially after your recent diagnosis. However, if I were you, I would go and see your new manager and have a private one to one chat, The thing is, if you were good enough for them to offer you the job and obviously they must have liked you, then they should be understanding of your plight and keep the job open whilst you finish your treatment, After all, you do have cancer and any employer should show some compassion.

    Please don’t feel afraid or embarrassed about having a sit down with them, they will probably appreciate you being honest and upfront, and if they don’t and are in anyway harsh or dismissive, then they are not worth working for - but hopefully it won’t come to that.

    I’ve worked for my employer as a Sales Assistant for nine years and my manager actually came with me when I got my results, as my family are spread out over England, she has been mega supportive. I know it’s a little different to your situation, but I’m sure it will work out.

    The most important thing here is you and your health, that’s what you have to take care of - you are the number one priority now.

    I hope I have been of some help, do let us know how you get on.

    Loads of luck and big hugs.xx

  • Hi, oh gosh, I can imagine this feels really hard, but as agree that a 1-1 with your new manager is important first thing on Monday. And if perhaps it's not so comfortable with your manager, then with HR as the chances are you would meet them anyway in your first day. I'd suggest being open and honest and explaining that the diagnosis has come quickly and unexpectedly. 

    Whilst this might be frustrating for them, I really hope your new employer is supportive and understanding. Cancer is protected under the disability discrimination act, but I appreciate that's not really the point.   Best wishes 

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