Reacted to both paclitaxel and nab paclitaxel (abraxane ) TNBC

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Hi ,

feeling very sad as today was my 2 nd cycle and after reaction to paclitaxel in the last incomplete 2nd cycle , which was not counted , this 2nd cycle was suppose to be with Abraxane (nab -pacli) but I reacted with 2 minutes of the infusion , they decided to stop the infusion and only give carboplatin , 

I am so worried as to what other options are left if I am reacting to both the taxols , it seems  atm stuck with my 2 nd cycle . 
the plan was 4 cycles of pacli and carbo and 3 cycles of Ec 

but here I am now out of total 7 stuck at the 2nd one .

has anyone else experienced the similar situation. 
feeling hopeless Disappointed 

  • Hi  

    I noticed your post had not had a reply and by posting I will push it back to the top of the list.

    My wife's first chemotherapy was stopped half way because it caused some damage to her lungs. She ended up needed quite a number of treatments to fix the lung damage that took a while. Later they tried a different chemotherapy option which in her case managed to render the cancer stable and that is where she has been for over 10 years now.



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  • Thanks a lot Steve for your kind reply, this has made me a little positive about the availability of different treatment options. 
    I really hope they find a bette alternative option for me . I have got 2 young kids , and life has been really tough , it’s like a never ending journey! 

    take care Blush