Mastectomy prep

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Hi All,

I hope you are all doing well

I'm due to have a right side Mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction should everything go to plan at the beginning of August and was looking for tips that may help me please that you didn't get told or found out helped more. 

What things would I need to get? Take to hospital with me? Getting comfy and help with recovery? Those sort of things please Blush

Many thanks Heart

Sarah xx

    1. Hi there .I had mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction 22/4 & have recovered well ,and am pleased with my reconstruction. You don't say if you are having a reconstruction at the same time, so things may be a bit different to my hospital stay .Anyhow,one thing I would say if you are staying a few days is don't go mad spending loads of money on front opening pyjamas .I bought 3 pairs cos I had ideas of wearing nice pj's once I got to have a shower .In reality  what with drains all over the place  I was happier to just stay in their gowns .I have only ever worn one of the 3 pairs I bought ! I had a m&s front opening bra in a bigger size that I wore in hospital, and once out of hospital I changed to the Asda ones £16 for two .I took loads of pampering stuff in with me thinking I would be relaxing with face masks ,painting nails. In reality, I was so tired so was happy to just doze or read some magazines and just do the basics like washing , brushing my teeth lol x 
  • Hi, yes sorry forgot to say I'm having immediate implant reconstruction so will add to my post thank you. 

    Thanks for the pointers, I've borrowed front fastening pj's off my girls so didn't want to buy extra so I'm glad I didn't pay out for loafs. 

    Will get myself some magazines though Blush

    So pleased you are recovering well and thanks for answering x

  • Hi, you might find it difficult to get around and do normal things when you get home, so freezing some meals might be a good idea.  I'd also encourage saying yes to anyone who offers to help!

    I did find front opening bras to be helpful, and button up tops as it was difficult to move my arm for a few days. A small pillow for the car (to protect against the seat belt) is also a good idea. I'm sure there will be plenty of others with ideas too.

    best wishes for your surgery 

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  • That's great thank you Blush 

    This is really helpful,  thank you so much Heart 

    1. Yes ,definitely a little pillow in the car .I had a cute heart shape one that came in a charity box. A v-shape pillow at home is brilliant if you have to sleep on your back for a while but also to prop you up if sitting in bed .I'm still using mine even now when I can sleep on my side ,it's lovely to snuggle sideways .Also of those long handled grabber thingies .I'm still told to limit bending forward ,so the grabber is used all the time for picking things up and reaching things x 
  • Oh gosh never thought of a grabber. Thank you Blush  x

  • You're welcome Blush another idea is a long handled scrunchie in the shower to wash your back ,and also to reach lower legs if you can't bend over in shower .I just get them from poundland ,I think they are £1.50 xx