Happy with reconstruction?

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Can I ask how many 'revisions' any of you have been allowed to have before you are happy enough with the results after reconstruction please? Also if anyone had needed to go down the private route in order to be happy?

Many thanks 

  • Sorry I’m unable to answer your question but I too am asking the same. Had double mastectomy with immediate implants nearly a year ago but do g gf abr issues causing discomfort when trying to side sleep of even find bras that don’t cut me in half as they are not round due to side flaps so make breast look square. It’s not solely about looks it’s about discomfort wearing bras and sleeping at night. 

  • I’m going to be controversial maybe here but a reconstruction after cancer isn’t the same as a boob job and some people think their breast will be ‘perfect’ whatever that is. It’s not. My reconstruction is really good, I recognise I’ve a good result, in clothes or underwear it looks fantastic. Nude I’m not so comfortable and most women I’ve spoken to have some issues with how their breast looks and have had some aspects they’ve just had to come to terms with, it’s rubbish, but it is what it is. I was advised not to have more surgical revisions because the risk of post surgery infection could ruin my good result. My surgeon said, it the pursuit of perfection, you could loose what you have now. You don’t say what aspect is causing you unhappiness? I did have some scar therapy through the hospice and that helped my scarring. For context I’ve lost my nipple (although it’s been reconstructed now) and I think that really affects the look of my breast x

  • I had a plastic surgeons advice appointment a couple of years after my implant reconstruction and the verdict was ‘looks terrific in a bra, advise no liposuction as it might not make that much difference and it’s further surgery anyway with those risks’  at which I was ok. (Sadly since, the beast recurred behind the implant!) 

    Hope you’re happy with whatever you decide.

    hugs xxx


  • Thank you for the advice. So sorry to hear that it's returned Disappointed x

  • Not controversial at all (Although if I had a £1 for everyone that said 'boob job' I'd be going private)! 

    I had a SM with immediate implant then implant exchange (Due to radiotherapy) with lift and reduction on the 'good side', however the implant rotated 90* and had it replaced in April. I didn't expect perfection (Also lost both nipples but planning 3d tattoos) and absolutely love my none implant side but the implant side has a sort of another boob above which is very noticeable in clothes as it's above the implant nearly upto my shoulder blade. 

    Thank you for the advice x

  • It is uncomfortable and weird when you lie down Triumph I found the light support bra's from M & S the most comfortable.

    Thank you for the advice x

  • I had a DIEP (recon from own tissue from tummy). I have had a couple of revisions by liposuction and my result is extremely good. Very difficult to tell anything amis in a bra or bikini. Without clothes my new boob is a good shape and hangs much like the other side. Only giveaway is the lack of a real nipple -although I have had nipple recon and tattooing done. However, nipple recon is good enough that nobody gives me a second glance if noticed quickly - changing etc I think DIEPs look more natural than an implant as they hang better and age with you. All mine done on NHS.