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Hi all

Hi Just after some advice regarding soft bra inserts to correct unevenness in size after lumpectomy I had earlier in year. My unaffected right breast is 34D whereas the left is more like a 34B post surgery.

I’ve had two surgeries - first was to remove 36mm lump & surrounding area in left breast. Second was to remove further tissue as cancerous cells were still present. I had a lot of swelling & discomfort after first surgery so surgeon said the fluid build up would be drained during second surgery. However during second surgery she discovered I had a bad infection (which hadn’t shown in blood tests) that had caused the internal sutures to dissolve which has now left me with my nipple having caved in slightly at the top & a fairly large indent where lump was removed. This indent is approx 5cm above centre of nipple & about 1.5cms to right (as I’m looking down at it). The bra inserts I’m seeing online look like they’ll cut across where the indent is which is going to make it uncomfortable if it pushes on it as it still is uncomfortable if pressure’s applied.

Does anyone know if there are extra soft ones for sale that I can maybe adjust where you need the extra padding to be? I’m hoping to have corrective surgery early next year once I’ve finished chemo & radiotherapy so it’ll only need to be temporary fix.

Thanks in advance!

  • Hello, and so sorry you’re going through angst. My suggestion would be to ask your breast care nurse, they are the experts, mine certainly said ‘don’t buy ANYTHING’ until we fit you, there’s someone who will come to the unit and you’ll get appointments when the time is right.’ I asked about a swim one and again was told that too should be supplied.

    hope all goes better for you from now on.

    hugs xxx


  • Hi Moomy they only offer this for people who have had Mastectomies and not Lumpectomies. 


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  • Hi Sanguine welcome to the forum Have you tried Marks and Spencers  as they have a great fitting service and also a variety of different bra types for you to have  a look at and see which one you like the best thta mght meet your needs for now.xx 


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  • Thanks moomy

    I’m having my next chemo on Tues so I’ll see if any of the BCNs are around or I’ll drop them a text.

    Sanguine xx

  • Hi Granny59

    Thanks for that. Would they be able to help with the appropriate insert to even out the cup sizes do you know? Don’t really want push up inserts as the part that’s sunken in will be more visible over top of bra. 

    Su x

  • Hi sanguine I'm not sure about that one I wear their sports type bras and they come with pads already in and they can be taken out if need be and they have a little pocket at the side that pads can slide in and out of if that makes sense? 


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