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Good Morning everyone,

I was diagnosed this week with breast cancer and have to wait 2 weeks for biopsy results and treatment plan.  I am petrified!  I have no family apart from my 16 year old son and no close friends.  I feel so alone and have no idea how I’m going to cope.  Has anyone else been in a similar situation?  

thanks you in advance and love and best wishes to all xx


  • It can be quite daunting,  especially waiting for results of biopsy, I was exactly the same and I also live alone after losing my husband to cancer, and my daughters are working to support their families.  

    However the two weeks wait went quickly,  unfortunately my results came back positive,  with triple neg  breast cancer and then had to wait a further 8 weeks for operation, then further 12 weeks after op for chemo to start , still on my journey . Try to stay positive,  keep busy as much as you can,  and best of luck on your diagnosis . 


  • Hello.....we are all sorry you had to find yourself on this site but don't will never be alone .

    I think everyone agrees that waiting for results is the worst time. Once your team have an analysis and you have a plan , surprisingly almost everyone feels they have more control. Treatment plans will differ depending on your individual results but today most breast cancer treatments are successful especially if your cancer was found quite early.

    You will be able to ask questions and discuss your treatment in that section of the group. I expect you will find several other people who are in a similar place to you. Sharing  experiences with them will be really helpfull. It will be comforting to know you aren't alone.

    If you just want to chat, laugh, be angry, cry.....try the Awake thread in the general group. There is almost always someone there to welcome you and chat with. There is also a lot of experience that can be shared if you have questions.

    Don't despair....I can't pretend it will be easy and some treatments may be unpleasant but the end result is hope. I had my cancer in 2015. It hasn't yet returned........

    Take care and keep in contact. I found this site was a lifeline when friends and families however supportive, didn't quite understand how we feel. 

    Love Karen

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  • Hi Kimbers77,

    I had a lumpectomy just over two months ago and two lymph nodes removed, now awaiting radiotherapy. It is a shock when you are told and it is important you take a bit of time to let it register and sink in. The waiting is the worse, but try not to think that it is going to be a bad outcome, that just makes you feel worse.

    You have made the first big step by finding the Macmillan site, also do visit your nearest Macmillan centre, a list is on here, or ring them on 0808 808 0000, they are superbly helpful and give you lots of great info, do walks, talks and lots more. I’m nots sure if you have spoken to your son, but if not maybe take him to the centre at sometime, they will help him to. Please also get a good support structure in place, family, friends, good work colleagues, I’ve lived on my own for nigh on forty years, but realised you can’t do this on your own. I also go for a short walk every day (British weather permitting) and do a daily diary, this is mega helpful, as it gets everything off your chest and out of your system. It is important during the day to keep yourself occupied, hobbies, interests etc., it stops you from dwelling on what is going on. You may also find it beneficial to listen to a meditation podcast, they really help you to relax especially when you are trying to get to sleep. I use one called ‘Go Gently’ by Christine Elizabeth Smith, it does a lot for me. Whatever you do please do not visit Dr Google, there is so much conflicting information that it puts your head in a spin and it stresses you out, just stick to Macmillan and your own medical care staff.

    I know it’s hard sometimes, but try and keep as positive as you possibly can, have positive people around you and dump the negativity, above all, be kind to yourself - I promise you, you will get through this. You are never alone and can always come and chat to us shower in here.

    Take care and big

  • Hi Kim. I’m just a bit further through the process than you.  I’ve had surgery and now waiting for Radiotherapy.  It’s all about waiting, but they need to get accurate results from the biopsy.  And I know exactly what you mean about feeling alone - even though I have my husband.  
    Try to get outside for a walk each day if you can. The time will pass before you know it, but it is a stressful wait. Do anything yo can to distract yourself - reading, binge watch TV, have a clear out etc.

    Keep us up to date with your journey.  People on here understand and are very supportive. Be kind to yourself xxx

  • Hi Kat,

    I am sorry to hear about your husband.

    Thank you for your reply. It’s nice to have some idea as to what may happen going forward and the waiting.  That’s the worst at the moment waiting for the next appointment.

    Where are you at with your journey at the moment.  I hope it all goes well xx

  • A year ago I was diagnosed and I was so scared I would die. Didn’t know what to expect and cried a good few times tbh. It’s very normal and it’s you processing such shocking news. Once your given your treatment plan this should help lessen anxiety and yes you’ll still be worried but what I will say it’s all very doable. I look back and it’s gone in a flash this past year. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was. Yes chemo( if you need it) you’ll  get good and bad days and cry losing your hair initially but it will grow back and you can get past all this honestly. We are here to support you through this journey so you’re never alone. Best of luck with your recovery x