Unknown lesion on breast

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Hi All,

I have breast clinic appointment on Tuesday for inverted nipple Weary  I went last week for a weird looking lesion on my other breast which almost looks like a blister, but is not painful, hot or inflamed and isn't even raised! Dr gave antibiotics for that but it has not changed in size at all, if anything the flaky skin around it has gotten a little bit bigger..... went today and the Dr has said she has no idea what it is! She wants the breast clinic to look at it further and see me again in 4 weeks depending. 

I had finally calmed myself for this appt now I am really anxious again! 

This is what she wrote in my notes...

  • 7x8 mm including rim of widened capillaries surrounding a central white area which looks like it might well be a drying out blister. fine line of circular edge seen 5mm out around the lesion where it looks like the skin has shed.

Please tell me someone else has had similar and what it turned out to be SobSob