Anxious waiting for biopsy results and now a rash

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Hi, I found a lump in my left breast and had an ultrasound on Monday which showed a solid lump. I had to have a biopsy and now anxiously awaiting results. 

Today my breast has come up in a rash, it’s kind of light pink and covers most of my breast and slightly under too- I am now so concerned that this is inflammatory breast cancer Cry I have gone from being calm to spiralling completely. My wound is clean and looks fine other than being bruised so it’s not infected. 

  • Hi, i can understand your anxiety its a scary time waiting for results, and they seem to take so long to arrive. The rash could be something to do with rhe gel they use on the ultra sound device that has just irrated the area or the numbing gel used for the biopsy. Things dont change that quickly to be overly concerned about inflammatory breast cancer. Its a very stressful time i know. Even people like myself who have been on this road a long time overthink sometimes it perfectly normal to do so. I wish you all the best you have got this xx