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Hi everyone 

My Chemotherapy starts in a few weeks and I have been looking into using the cold cap/ scalp cooling. Does anybody have any knowledge about this or know if it’s worth a try? Heart️ xx 

  • I’m currently cold capping. I’m having EC which is tough on my hair. I’ve had 2 cycles and so far I’ve managed to keep my hair. It’s thinned all over but I have experienced a lot of shedding. It doesn’t work for everyone and it does add time to your chemotherapy treatment. My hair is very thick but not anymore. No one who doesn’t know me wouldn’t notice I’ve lost hair. 

  • Thanks so much for replying, I’m in NI and they don’t offer it on NHS here, I have found a private company that can help me so I’m considering it, so happy to hear that you’re having a positive experience with it, sending lots of love Heart️ xx

  • Hi I've just been told that I will need chemo as well. My consultant was very nice and said what I know about cold cap. He's put on the notes I will give it a try!! My hair is also quite thick and a short bob ish last cut in was told it will longe the chemo session 45 mins before and after. Some get on with it some don't

  • Hi Jackie, thank you, I think I’m going to give it a try too! Never been so scared but I’m willing to try anything. Good luck on your journey Heart️ xx 

  • Hi

    I absolutely believe in the cold cap.  My hair thinned but I didn't use a wig. Cancer hair care have lots of support ideas around hair and chemo.

    Taking 2 paracetamol 30mins before treatment was helpful as well.

    Wraps and opting for chair that warmed you was great as well.

    All the very best.

  • Thank you so much, I’m hoping that the hospital are ok with me using it, they told me at the start that I wouldn’t be allowed as it would take up too much space but I’m going to keep trying thank you Heart️ 

  • It would take up too much space!!  I find that appalling. I not sure what else to say other than to speak to your BCN.

    Good luck