Radiotherapy and Aloe Vera gel

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I am currently on 13/15 of my radiotherapy for BC my treatment is adjuvant. There is lots of conflicting information on what creams you should and shouldn’t use. I have only been advised nothing scented or oil based. I have got an unscented aloe Vera gel which I’m using but I’m not sure it’s the right thing. What have you used with success? x

  • Hi!  I've used E45 lotion but then got my GP to prescribe Zeroveen (oatbased emoilent) which seems to be working better.  The GP also mentioned Aloe Vera to try. 

    Hope whatever you use helps.....i had insane itching after my radiotherapy and the Zeroveen has really helped xx 

  • Thank you. Was it itchy after your first session or is it a slow burner? My first two have been fine but I wasn’t sure if it builds up like chemo? x

  • Radiographers advised Aveeno, I asked about Aloe Vera but they said it was ‘drying’. I start on July 9th. Got 2 bottles of Aveeno being delivered today, one I will take with me as rads will be at a hospital 46 miles away (I will have transport) but the other I will keep in the fridge at home, I gather I will need to lash it on freely. Also keep hydrated. 

    Hugs xxx


  • I have some aveeno from when I had my surgery so I will go back to that as I’ve seen a few people mention it. And definitely keep hydrated! I was useless with my water intake yesterday and paid the price with a headache all night! Drank gallons so far today! 
    my treatment is also being done at a cancer centre one and a half hours away so it’s a four hour round trip for us. Good luck with your treatment xx

  • Daughter finished 15 sessions of radiotherapy two weeks ago. She used Aloe Vera Gel. Must be pure, nothing added. She ordered the one we've regularly bought in Spain on Amazon. Checked it out with radio staff first. They recommended using it, allowing the gel to sink in, then moisturising with a simple, unscented moisturiser.

    Daughter has a lot of redness and burns but none of it has been unbearable and it's beginning to heal slowly.

  • Hi. Yay, nearly there! 

    I also used Zeroveen having read on here that it was soothing, gentle & a great alternative to Aveeno. One year on I still use Zeroveen as a sensitive skin shower wash as it can be used as an emollient moisturiser &/or wash.

    The radiographers gave me Flamigel to use regularly throughout my 15 sessions & then Flaminal when I got a little warm & red. They worked really well, very soothing.

    Hope last couple of sessions go well for you.


  • Over 8 years ago for me.  I used E45 before & during radiotherapy plus Holland & Barrett pure aloe Vera gel which I kept in fridge.  I used E45 first, left breast to air for 5 minutes then aloe Vera gel.  i spent a lot of time sitting topless!    I had 15 sessions & during it I had just a hint of redness but underneath my breast my skin broke down.  It was wet & smelly but I'd been warned this happened to larger breast ladies - I'm a G cup and had a mould to hold breasts in place made for radiotherapy sessions.   They gave me special dressings but they irritated my skin so I turned to sanitary towels then panty liners plus BC nurse gave me a cream to clear up the bacteria.  I did one night resort to sudacrem under breast as I knew it would soothe the burning feeling which was keeping me awake,  I did Google first and wasn't recommended mainly.  It worked a treat with my little sanitary towel in place.  My BCN amused by my use of pads.  I got idea from hubby who used to use them under rucksack straps when hiking !  

    Within 2 months my breast skin looked normal.  No hint of redness though I was careful in the sun using sunblock. 

  • Hi. No itching/rash during the radiotherapy, it came on about a week later. I finished my course about 3 weeks ago and it’s just starting to settle a bit. Good luck with yours xx

  • Hello. I had 19 sessions of radiotherapy for breast cancer and I was given epimax but I was allergic to it. The nurses advised me to use Aveno and I didn't look back. Amazing stuff.