Breast/Rib Pain

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I had breast cancer in 2017. Had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed & radiotherapy. I have had regular check ups etc. Unfortunately due to the radiotherapy I have suffered fracture to my ribs. Over the last few days, I have been getting pains in my breast and discomfort around the rib area. I am becoming paranoid that it is something more sinister. I wonder if I should get my GP to check me over or wait until my mammogram in the 26th of this month. 

  • Hi Catsworld, not an expert but I would see my GP or could you speak to the hospital you are under to ask their advice? (Do you still have a breast nurse contact)? 

  • Hi I have made a GP appt for today. I do have a contact number for the breast care nurse, will see what happens at the GP and take it from there.

    Thank you

  • How did you get on? 

  • Hi I am getting a chest xray tomorrow to check I have no rib fractures. As for the breast pain, GP happy to wait and see what happens at my mammogram next week, she was going to ask them to see me again if I hadn’t had that appt. 
    thanks for asking, much appreciated. 

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed May 2021, lumpectomy, no node involvement, radiotherapy + letrozole (18 months then stopped due to debilitating adverse effects).

    I've too have breast/rib pain (around 3 months), called the BCN and seen fairly quickly, had a mammogram (painful), then ultrasound. Ultrasound radiologist found a very small cyst (oil filled) in the affected breast and drained it, said cysts can happen due to the surgery. Back to consulting room and told such rib pain can be caused by a condition called 'Chostochronditis' (inflammation of the rib cartilage), which can happen apparently after radiotherapy. However I now have an appointment for a bone scan next week to investigate exactly what is causing the pain. Hopefully just a case of inflammation for us both.

  • Update: Bone scan result was clear (such a relief), my rib/sternum pain is inflammation and can be the after effects of radiotherapy.

  • Great news Eline. 

  • Great news! Any bone scans I have say I have wear & tear, the usual. Like what you say there is weakness around the breast bone and rib cage. Had my mammogram yesterday, hopefully all ok. I am sure they will be in touch soon if anything worrying.