Breast cancer treatment question

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Hope you are all well and coping with treatment I was diagnosed breast cancer oestrogen + in 2022 had surgery then preventative chemo and radiotherapy I now take daily Exemestane and monthly Goserelin implants all tolerated very well actually never felt better my question is has anyone asked or offered surgery to remove overies completely post menapause I’m 53? As a preventative measure .

thank you for any input

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  • Post meno , your ovaries don’t produce oestrogen , so no need to remove them .

    you produce oestrogen in fat and adrenals , the Exemestane stops this . 

  • Have you had a genetic testing? I’m awaiting ovaries and tubes to be removed next month as recommended as I  was found to have rad51c gene which raises risk to moderate of having ovarian and breast cancer. I had two types of cancer ( one in each breast last year) TN in left and HER+ in the right breast, so had double mastectomy followed by 6 months chemo. Request genetic testing and it’s likely you would be recommended to have ovaries/ tubes to be removed if your risk increases with carrying gene. 

  • Thank you Relaxed️ 

  • Thanks for the info will chat to Gp Sparkling heart