Locs and Cold Cap

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I hope someone can help share their experience please. 

I am starting chemotherapy next week.

I'm considering using a cold cap but I'm finding it really difficult to decide.

I have long and thick locs ( Black African) And I wonder if anyone reading this has similar hair and experience of cold capping?

I've been researching about it and some of the things I've read don't seem to be compatible with locs, such as a need to use conditioner, in my experience, conditioner isn't compatible with locs. Also, I read that very long and heavy hair should be cut prior to cold capping. 

I'm just not sure whether I should let my hair go, cut and save my locs and then hope for  hair regrowth which I could attach to after treatment. OR try the cold cap, at all costs. It does seem like a lot to worry about whilst simultaneously dealing with a long stretch of chemotherapy.

Any personal stories would be really helpful. Thank you