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Has anybody had mastectomy with reconstruction..I had double mastectomy with reconstruction and was wondering how people were getting on with them...Will my chest ever get back to some sort of scars are healing nicely but I have a lot of sensitivity at the sides of by new boobs and at the top of my chest...not much feeling elsewhere..just wondered what others have experienced..

  • Hi,

    I had an implant and was happy though sensation was definitely impaired. I think some did recover a little but I was definitely left with some numb areas  (sadly this is in the past tense as I had a recurrence and am now flat, with less sensation especially under armpit but hope a bit might improve) 

    The shape does settle as all the internal bruising that you can’t see, does gradually improve. I know a previous member had a double mastectomy with implants and looked amazing. she is doing great and has confidence in herself. 

    Hugs xxx


  • Yes it took about 3 months for pins and needle sensations to settle and nipple freeze feelings to reduce (even though I have no nipples had had breast reduction in breast size with implants)  following double mastectomy with immediate implants due to finding cancer in both breasts due to mutations not secondary I was informed. Both different type cancers one being triple negative. I had a lot of tightness under bust following mastectomy and struggled with this but eventually it eased off. After some about 6 months it started to feel more comfortable but even now when I wake they are very hard but once I get up and move about they soften up again ( not sure if it’s just me this is happening to as I guess we all will get different experiences). It will get easier over time.

  • Thanks moomy..sorry to hear of your recurrence..I am awaiting chemo as a precaution as post op showed all margins well clear..I was just looking  for a bit of reassurance before I start that ordeal..your kind words have helped.. x

  • Thank you..I am only a month in but just to hear there is light at the end of the tunnel is very reassuring..I'm glad your feeling more like yourself..I too feel like I'm carrying a couple of bricks around when I first get up but like you say that eases quickly as I move around..hopefully the sensitive skin will ease soon wishes..x