Shaved my hair

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So braves the shave today,I actually smiled and didn't cry.I really like it and didn't expect too.I know everyone has their own journey,but for me this was the part of my journey I was dreading.

  • You look great!

    I had long hair before chemo so had it cut into a short style before I started. After about 4 weeks my hair loss was too obvious to hide anymore so I got my husband to shave it down to about half an inch. This gradually disappeared to, although I never became completely hairless. My hair has now grown back but I've kept in short because I've discovered that I actually prefer it short.

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  • Aw thank glad your treatment has gone well.Yes I will be honest I think I would rethink growing my hair again xx

  • Hi 

    you look good I did the same , I had TNBC March 23 , lumpectomy , chemo, radio all good now . Keep positive very hard at times but you will be fine good luck with you’re journey .xx

  • It looks great on you  glad you feel ok about it .

    Good on you taking control …I felt so much more comfortable once it was shaved .kept my hair short once it grew back .

    Im five years on from diagnosis my story on profile just click on my name to read if you wish .

    One step at a time and ...Breathe !