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Having completed 7 hard rounds of chemo and only have 1 more to go, I have my next pathway confirmed with a lumpectomy planned beginning of Aug with Radiotherapy. 

What I’ve learned through all of this, is that for obvious reasons so much emphasis is placed upon the patient, however my family as do all of ours families get dragged through the mill emotionally, my husband has been amazing all the way through, he’s been my support and my PA ensuring I get to my appointments on time and looks after me when I’m not good, it’s impacted my children 19&12 years, and it’s been tough watching them watching me go through this, so what’s my point here, well I suppose I really could have put my question in a matter of a sentence, but felt something cathartic saying what I’ve said above.

We’ve all missed out on some many plans, cancelled holiday and now feel ready to plan again, in particular I’m looking at booking 7/10 night stay in the sun end of Sep beginning of Oct, so was wondering what experiences any of you may have had with holidaying after treatment and who you used insurance wise, I’m under no illusion insurance will be far more expensive.

I would really appreciate your advice.

Many thanks and love to you all xx

  • Hi Sarah76 sorry to hear your news . I’m almost 3 years in and have had a couple of holidays and was due to go to Italy in July . Unfortunately I fell and broke my arm my insurance Staysure they specialise in insurance for people with illness and repaid in full when I had to cancel my holiday. Maybe worth a try it is more expensive but not excessively so . I wish you all the best and hope you are able to have a great holiday. 

  • Oh bless you BT1, I hope you recover quickly from the break and get back to travelling again soon, this goes to show the importance of travel insurance doesn’t it.

    I will certainly take a look at Staysure closer to the time, once surgery is out of the way, we can look to plan ahead a little more.

    All the best to you xx