3rd excision or mastectomy

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Hi I was diagnosed in February with introduction papilloma atypica had first surgery and found it is DCIS with poor margin 

I had my second surgery 3 weeks ago and they found more DCIS and need a 3rd surgery. Total dcis removed so far is 40mm last margin is 0.4mm

am confused as what to do. Gut feeling is mastectomy is drastic but as everytime I get checked it’s bad news. I may have no option if still more dcis with poor margins 

I am worried about deformed breast with 3 excisions - what could be my options here? As my breast as now very different sizes. 

any advice would help or any experience with any of these choices 

  • Hi, sorry to read you are enduring multiple surgeries, must be so very frustrating.  I don't know what I would do with the choice you’d are faced with, except I might ask the consultant what their recommendation is.  You can also give the lovely folks here at Macmillan a call (0800 808 0000) and chat through the pros and cons with them.  Best wishes 

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