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Hello, my mum was diagnosed with lobular bilateral breast cancer in December, she’s had 2 lumpectomy’s and a margin shave and is awaiting radiotherapy. 
she was offered the. Brca gene test as it’s bilateral. She had the test done in feb and today we’ve had a message to say someone in genetics will call her on wed, next week, we are assuming this is for her results. 
Since mum was diagnosed with breast cancer my anxiety has been terrible. I’ve struggled to cope with everything and each time an appointment is pending i loose my mind all over again.

im wondering if any one can settle my mind who has had the gene test done because in my head im thinking because its an appointment it means its bad news and she has the gene, has anyone who has had the test who was BRCA negative and still had to have an appointment to be told this? 

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    I don't have the experience you're looking for but I thought I'd pop on to let you know that there is a forum for BRCA which you might like to join and post in. You'd then connect directly with others who have had the test.

    If you'd like to join clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there.

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  • Hello Zoe978, I have had the gene test done with my sister a while ago now. We both separately got phone calls from the genetics counsellor and she was Brca negative. I would also add that if your mum gets the results that she is positive this just means she and your family have more information to work with. Having any gene mutation that puts someone at higher risk of cancer is not a guarantee that cancer will definitely occur.

    I’ve known I’m Brca1 positive for nearly 10 years now and with screening and the care of the NHS I have not had any cancer. I hope this can ease your anxiety a bit.



  • Hello, sorry to hear about your mum. 
    my sister in law had an appointment and was told she was negative. 
    Hope that helps. 
    I know the worry , my husband has the gene. 
    take care