Vaginal dryness - ouch !

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I’m really struggling with symptoms of vaginal dryness. It’s very uncomfortable and has also thrown my sex life out the window.

Can anyone recommend a good long term lubricant, and not too expensive, I’ve been told by my GP that nothing is available on prescription. 
I have just finished chemotherapy, having Herceptin injections, due to start medication after surgery and had to stop HRT all of which  have made things much worse.

Just to add to it all, I can’t use anything with oestrogen as I’m Her2 positive.

I’m hoping to get some sort of life back, so would appreciate some suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you 

  • Hi, there was something on perscription called silk but for some reason the NHS can not get it any more. I used it and it was great. You can still buy it on the slik site but is expensive. I had to find an alternative and like you it had to be oestrogen free. So the search began. Normal vaginal moistutisers used for sex was to thick and sticky. So i buy Boots Silky Lubricant its about £3.50 I decanter some into another container and add a few drops of water to make it easier to use. I have tried quite a few and find this the best one. Hope this helps

  • Try Lubido available on Amazon, really good.

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  • The best thing I've used since menopause are balance activ moisture plus pessaries. 

  • Another Activ Balance Moisture fan here. You use the pessaries every day for a week and then reduce to 2 or 3 times a week. They contain hyaluronic acid, which has been proven to be just as effective as oestrogen cream for healing.

    I would also recommend Durex Sensilube for sex. It has the most natural feel of the ones we have tried.

  • Hi, I get Replens on prescription so you might want to check again with your GP.  I am also Oestrogen positive and the oncologist recommended this.  I've also heard of YesVM but not tried it. Best wishes 

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  • I am her2+ as well, finished my chemo in December. Am currently on the waiting list for hysterectomy and bowel and bladder repair. Gynecologist has prescribed hyalofemme gel, only available on prescription, as one that does not contain oestrogen.  Also recommended yes, but that one is more difficult to obtain,

  • I would push on using topical oestrogen via a pessary such as Vagirux or Vagifem. I can’t understand why there’s any connection to being HER2 positive. Even if you are also ER positive, many consultants are happy for people to use it given it’s not going into the bloodstream systemically. 

    I find balance Activ is the best moisturiser, Replens leaves a residue which makes me itch. But whilst a moisturiser will help with dryness, it is unlikely to prevent the issue eventually progressing into atrophy, at which point you could be sore as well as dry, and possibly also get repeated urinary tract infections. 

  • I have been struggling with vaginal/vulval dryness, burning and sore, especially when sitting.  My Oncologist wrote to my GP saying I could use Vagifem on an intermittent basis.  I have been using it for 6 weeks and it is making a difference.  I have tried so many other products as well, but find Active Balance very good.  I also use Yes vaginal moisturiser throughout the day.  I had a ER/PR 8/8 IDC.  It got to the point that I needed to do something as this can’t be my new normal.  Sex has been on hold as well.  I’m just not sure what using vaginal estrogen intermittently means, I use it twice a week.  I’m also taking Anastrozole and have been for over a year now.

  • I have had Hyalofemme vaginal moisturiser on prescription for past 2 years as Letrozole is stripping me of all my oestrogen! Therefore you can be prescribed vaginal moisturisers. I don’t know whether it’s area specific but it certainly shouldn’t be. My breast cancer team wrote to my GP stating that I needed to be prescribed something, maybe that’s the route needed first

  • I’ve been on Anastrozole since March and have been very dry and sore.  It got so bad I went to the doctors this week and I have splits in the skin.  I too cannot have anything with oestrogen in.

    The doctor prescribed Hyalofemme which contains no hormones.   I will let you know how it goes.