Peripheral neuropathy

Since finishing decetaxal I have no feeling in my toes except cold, any hints or tips please? A hot water bottle makes them feel burnt 

  • I'm the same with my fingers six weeks on. Toes were numb but just hope they get better I'm time. 

    Maybe some thick socks I wear merino wool socks 


  • Have both of you discussed this with your breast care nurse? Numbness was something I was told to highlight to the team x

  • Yes they are aware, they suggested something my doctor could prescribe because they believe the neuropathy could be causing the pain in my arms and legs, he was reluctant though

  • Hello Wave I am now 5 months post chemo and still have issues with fingertips and toes, though much improved. I have been prescribed neurobion tablets by my oncologist, it’s a mixture of B vitamins and is said to support nerve health and o do think it’s helping. I also take vitamin D3 don’t know if it helps the nerves but dr wanted me to take it too as I was deficient. I now find that I don’t really notice the neuropathy in my hands unless I push the very tip of my fingers but my middle two toes are still a problem on both feet but all in all much improved.