My eyes are driving me nuts!!

I finished chemo on 9th November but my eyes are still driving me crazy!! They run, they itch, the skin around them is sore, they even feel (although don’t look) bruised. My eyelashes are coming back curly and some are super thick and they’re very sporadic. I’m using dry eye drops, only using moo goo on my face, has anyone got any suggestions? X

  • Hey! Sorry to hear you are suffering…it is 3 years since I finished chemo…and my eye lashes were the first to return! First thing I would say is to be patient…they will grow through! Maybe use a warm compress….warm water on a cloth and place over your eyes….this really does help. If they are really bothering you, I would suggest a visit to a good optician….(which I did as it felt I had an eyelash permanently scratching) they can recommend care and check that your eye isn’t being damaged. I had a ‘cold sore’ in my eye soon after treatment ended and to get special cream via a very, very long hospital visit! It healed well…but I remember thinking ‘will this crap ever end’ take care….soon you can buy some new mascara!

  • Thank you! I think I’ll see an optician tomorrow as they’re looking very bloodshot now too. I can’t wait to actually feel better rather than faking it to make myself feel better!!! Rofl X

  • So! I have eye gel and drops from the optician, turns out my tears have little lubricant in them so I’ve incredibly dry eyes, probably from chemo, they’re already starting to feel better so hopefully they’ll calm down and the skin surrounding them will heal x

  • Great news….I also used some spray/drops….fingers crossed it helps! On a positive note, having eyelashes back made me feel so much better….a nod to normality! I hope they feel much better very soon and wish you well on your journey post chemo. From experience, it takes time to heal, be kind to yourself….it does get better….but a bit slower than we’d like! Xx

  • Thanks Galligirl, it all takes longer than you think it will!! Rofl I’ve surgery in 2 weeks so I’m hoping that once I’ve recovered from that, I’ll be lots better from the chemo too and back to my old self RoflPrayFingers crossed tone2Shrug tone1‍x