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Hi. My husband is half way thru his chemo. Ends in June. We’ve booked a trip to Spain in sept following conversations with doctors and oncology who said defo go for it, he’s going thru the terrible treatments to be able to live a life etc. so… my question is, if anyone has travelled, which is the best place to go for travel insurance? Any help would be appreciated.

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    A trip to Spain sounds like a great plan.

    We used AllClear Travel insurance Travel Insurance | Voted UK's Number 1 for Customer Care | AllClear Travel for a couple of trips. G used it when he went skiing to France with our daughter then again when we went to Paris for a week. There are other companies out there. It's not cheap (from memory we were about £300 for a week and that was a couple of years ago now) and some of the questions they have to ask are quite awkward and direct. We were asked to get confirmation from the dr that G was expected to still be alive 6 months after he returned from the trip. The oncologist was very understanding when I spoke to him about and and we were able to get the cover.

    I'm sure some of the other members on here will be along shortly to share their experiences and recommendations. There's also some general information on the main body of the website. Here's the link Cancer and buying travel insurance | Macmillan Cancer Support

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