6 week initial treatment plan end.

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This is my last week of treatment, until I have my 4 week break. Chemotherapy 7days a week, and radiotherapy 5 days a week is almost up. Thursday will be my last day. I'm feeling quite Lucky to have dealt with the treatment early on well.

Only the last weeks I have experienced more effects.thursday I get to ring the bell. Which I wasn't going to do. As I've always thought of in the past that a cancer sufferer rings a bell when all clear. But have soon realised that ringing the bell is the end of the first stage of treatment, the first chapter completed. So roll on Thursday and let's get that bell rung.

The 4 week break is going to be a nervous time. I have my scan on the 14th March and consultant on the 15th March, where we will find out what's been going on with my Glioblastoma. I've always been in a negative mindset, and suppose I still am. As from ghe 17th November all I have had is bad news. Initial diagnosis,  surgery, finding out my tumour is a Glioblastoma and terminal, followed by a 2nd bleed and being admitted to hospital.

What where other peoples thoughts on the bell ring?

I hope I havnt sent anyone to Sleeping but being able to write down feelings and thoughts, really does help.

Thankyou for your time.

  1. Chris
  • I didn’t ring it for the same reason. Felt that bell was for the all clear celebration. Also a bit too show-offy for me

  • Ringing the bell i guess can mean different things to people. Completion of radiotherapy but it does go on for some of us. And for me it just seemed hollow and for everyone else. The treatment/radiotherapy didn’t bother me. But like I said for some it’s that stepping stone to their better days and makes them feel comforted

  • I am not likely to start radiotherapy for a few until weeks after surgery on 9 February, so have not yet got my treatment dates/timetable. I have therefore not discussed ringing the bell, but had thought it was was for all clear. Many noises are intolerable for my brain ATM so I  don’t actually think it is something that I will be able ti bear the noise of, let alone make a reasoned decision of if I wanted to. I find loud noises, particularly kitchen noises of pots  and pans, cutlery rattling etc. really hard to bear. Whilst an inpatient, the beeping of monitors and equipment drove me nuts. So, I don’t think a bell will be bearable for me. 

  • Completely understand what you are saying, and that's what I've had stuck in my head, the fact that the initial 6 week treatment is done, I'm still no further away from clearance as there is no other outcome with a Glioblastoma. Apart from any extended time if any. The unknown is just as bad. Nervous from this point going forward.

  • Sounds like a battle you're having there. 

    Good luck going forward with treatment etc. I hope you take it as well as I have. Only suffered with effects, more so the last week or so. 

  • You keep up the fight though, things change all the time and you never know what treatments may come and help

  • I just wanted to comment that I was extremely sensitive to noise after my initial seizure and surgery. I was saved from having to ring the bell as I don’t think my hospital had one! I can report that after a number of months my noise sensitivity improved. I hope you have the same positive development Patchamite. 

  • I shall continue to use it as an excuse to keep out of the kitchen Joy xx

  • I was exactly the same, even before the OP. It’s called a lot for me. One year on

  • Thanks Chris4286

    i am glad that you have made is through this part of your treatment and is is helpful to know that not everyone suffers all possible side effects, or suffers rhem as severely as others

    Keep strong

    Thank you for your support xx