Hubby’s First scan Inconclusive

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First scan results left us a bit in limbo with a residual area of original tumour in temporal lobe possibly showing slight regrowth or could be results of radiotherapy treatment that often makes scan unclear.   But inflammation all gone , brain pressure is normal, which is brilliant. Got to wait  2 months till next scan.  That’s quite hard being left not knowing.  Has anyone experienced anything similar?  We were so stressed going in and just not sure what to think. 

  • Hi - I also have GBM and scans just after Surgery and radio are often inconclusive. Can you ask for the next MRI to be brought forward ? Or ask for the scan to be reviewed again at the next Multi-Discipinary meeting ? In my Trust these are held every Friday

  • Hi Strawberry Blonde

    We experienced the same at G's first scans after his op and after his 6 weeks of oral chemo/radiotherapy. It takes time for things to settle down. Hard as it is please try to be patient. Draw comfort from the fact that the team are happy to wait 2 months between scans. You need to try to trust their judgement. Again easier said then done sometimes.

    We got into a rhythm of maintenance scans every 3 months. Scan days were always stressful and waiting for the results doesn't get any easier but its routine you slip into.

    Stay strong. Sending love and light and hugs

    Wee Me xx

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    • Thankyou Matt I hope you are well . I never thought to ask for that  just assumed had to wait  and by then will have had 3 cycles of chemo meds. 
  • Thankyou so much , they did say the first scan was possibly going to be like this , guess was hoping for some sort of positive news , been a long 5 months for him