Radiotherapy started today

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My husband has started his 6 weeks of radiotherapy and chemo today. Tonight he says he has a really bad headache, is this to be expected after 1 session 

  • HI Mary

    G very rarely mentions headaches but I do recall he suffered from some at the start of his treatment. If things don't settle make sure your husband mentions it to the team when he goes for the next session. 

    G's main complaint throughout was that the mask was too tight and that they squashed his nose every day!

    Hope things go smoothly.. One step at a time  here.

    sending you love and light and hugs

    Wee Me xx

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  • Hi Wee Mee. How are you? Yes, he did say that it had really hurt his nose, it had actually marked his face in a couple of places. Did your husband suffer with any sickness at all. Take care Mary W

  • Not something I experienced. Might just be the mask us too tight. They can insert shims to loosen it slightly

  • Oh ok, that’s worth knowing, Thank you 

  • Morning

    G used to come out with the mesh pattern on his face some days. The masks need to be a really snug fit. With the TMZ he was never actually sick. The CNS prescribed a really strong anti-sickness drug for him to take for the first few days whether he felt sick or not and that seemed to help his body adjust to the drug. He had other, lower strength anti-sickness drugs prescribed but never needed to take them. He did comment in the last couple of weeks that he felt sick a lot of the time but never actually threw up.

    His sense of taste changed for a short period of time and he went off foods that he usually enjoys especially things that were creamy. That settled back to normal once the treatment was completed.

    Hope today goes smoothly.

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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