Covid-19 Booster Vaccine

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Hi everyone 

My wife has been invited for spring booster jab for Covid-19.

This will be her 5th booster.

We sent a message to Oncology team and CNS has replied that my wife can have it if she is happy to have.

We are a bit confused re is it better to have the jab or not given she is having Temozolomide chemotherapy(1 week after 3rd Cycle now) post Radiotherapy.

If anyone has had similar experience or done more research please share.

thank you


  • HI Pati

    oh good question! I'd be led by what your medical team advise and if they're saying its up to your wife then it comes down to a personal decision.

    My husband had one of his boosters around the time he was going through the 6 weeks chemo/radiotherapy and had no ill-effects but I guess everyone is different.

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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