A good day

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My son has brain cancer and our journey so far has been longer than most. He has anaplastic ganglioglioma, we are very lucky in that respect. Very slow growing.  We have the time to grieve, be strong, be scared, be positive, be helpless, be the polished story , be brave and be weak. Sharing this impossibility, which in many respects, is the most beautiful nightmare I couldn’t describe. 

We are still strong at the eight/ nine year guesstimate. We shared the Royal engineers, having both served. He excelled and became a full time boxer, for the Army. If you know, you know. 

Today I picked him up and we went to the pub for a game of darts, despite his acknowledgment his hand eye coordination is not on point , we both won the championship. A pure moment and a pure treasure. I’m very lucky for today, it’s a point scored for us all. At my worst I’m hopeless and scared, at my best I’m the same but somehow richer than most. Just a quick reflection  because…

love to all