Hair styles following chemo

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Hi all, I’ve recently finished my chemo after having radio before Xmas last year. I have an oligodendroglioma… hair is growing back (yey)…but it’s curly! My hair is poker straight! Help! 
I'm not sure how to style it! X 

  • I am lost half of my hair but when it grew back it was curly as well and basically my hair is now half straight and the rest is really tight curls and frizzy And I have been advised not to use any heat near my hair so I can’t straighten it.

    What I have found helps is some anti frizz serum that is for afro hair

    id never used it before but my hairdresser is black and she said to me that my hair had grown back like hers so to try the same products she uses 

    I gave it a go and after 1 wash my newly grown hair was under control 

  • Hi Lyddy81

    delighted to hear that your hair is growing back. When my husband's grew back after his 6 weeks of radio/chemo it grew back a different colour. He had a dark band round half his head. Being a man, he shaved it off and disguised the issue.

    I'm totally the wrong person to give hair advice - mine is very fine and poke straight!  I'm also terrified of hairdressers! CharlotteLG seems to have given good advice so I'd ago with what she says

    I'm sure though if you gave the helpline a call someone there could also provide some useful information. The number is below.

    Have fun experimenting with those curls!

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Congratulations on finishing the chemo.

    For me, it was easy, as a bloke I just asked my wife to shave it off. That was until the hair was more even; then I could gradually grow it longer.

    I hope that you don't end up having the same problem as I now have - where the bone has healed the hair has never grown back as thick as it was. It's no big deal but it cuts down on the choice of hair do. No going back to the 1970s for me!

    I was told to keep shampoo very soft like a baby's - at least to start with.