Oncology commitee, How communicate to patients and carers in UK?

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I would like to know how things work in The Uk, just to compare if it is standard procedure around the world.

My beautiful mum was diagnosed with GBM grade 4 and it was decided in an oncology meeting in Chile she will receive exclusive palliative care. I am desperately enquiring why she wasnt offered chemio/radio therapy, standard for her age (76 years old).

My dad was told verbally this outcome but never got a document explaining the reasons for their decision. 

Is that the same in UK? 

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    Welcome to the community. I'm very sorry to read of your mum's diagnosis . I think it may be a big job for you to compare healthcare around the world. If I was in this situation, I would ask mum or dad if I'd be able to read their consultation letter, which is sent out a few weeks after an appointment. If those procedures are not in evidence in your country, I would ring the Consultants secretary and ask the reasons why treatment is not an option. Make sure your mum is there when you ring as she may need to give her permission for information to be given to you.

    In some cases, treatment is not an option as the cancer is too widespread or the patient is not fit enough to proceed on a gruelling treatment regime. I hope that you are able to get some answers.

    If you still want to proceed in comparing healthcare, this forum may be useful to you. This is the link  Living with cancer outside the UK forum 

    Best regards to you and your family

    A x

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