Brain radiotherapy

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Has anyone had radiotherapy to the head and not lost any hair? I’m three weeks in and so far my hairs just sore?

But then I worry is the radiotherapy working if I’m not getting strong side effects?

  • As far as I was told - and I think I have the same tumour as you, Oligodendroglioma? - was that some do experience hair loss while others don’t. I personally did lose my hair, but not everyone does.

    I started to feel the side-effects of Radio around the 3rd and 4th week. Tiredness, hair loss etc. 

    I would assume, and be pretty sure it’s working for you. I wouldn’t worry about that too much. If you are concerned though, bring it up with you’re oncologist. But I honestly wouldn’t worry about that too much.

    Good luck.

  • Yes you do! How you’re keeping well!

    im at the beginning of week 3 so I’m a bit paranoid and worrying to be fair. So we’ll see how things go. 

    I have neuro reviews every Thursday usually so will make sure to ask then anyway! 

    thank you so much for your message. A very up and down Monday! Just waiting for dinner, meds and bedtime x

  • Not at all. I was very much the same at the beginning and I didn’t know who to talk to about what, etc. And was very anxious before and during radiotherapy. But honestly, overall I found it okay, and didn’t suffer too bad from the common side effects when I was going through it.

    I decided not to have chemotherapy, and went the alternative route, but that’s another story.

    As I’m typing, I do remember the further I went into my radiotherapy sessions, I felt more heat on my head from the machine. It become more intense as the weeks went on, not painful at all, but the sensation just felt stronger.

    If you don’t mind me asking, did you have surgery, and do you now suffer from seizures?

  • HI

    Glad to hear you're not suffering any strong side effects.

    G only lost his hair along his scar line where they targeted the radiotherapy and once treatment stopped it grew back fairly quickly.

    He didn't suffer any horrible side effects other than fatigue that kicked in about week 4 out of 6. The fatigue lasted for about a month after the treatment cycles were complete.

    there's some great generic information on the main website about radiotherapy that might put your mind at ease here. Here's the link Radiotherapy | Types of treatment | Macmillan Cancer Support

    for now though I'm sending you a huge virtual hug and lots of positive energy.

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Im a nurse myself so it still hasn't sunk in. And im used to spending time in hospitals but from the other side!
    Glad to hear (glad isn't the word) your experiences of RT. Thank you!
    Yes, I had depression and eating disorder for years and years. Then had short seizures in my sleep (put those down to nightshifts and lack of nutrition) followed by tonic clonic seizures out and about, fell in to a river, another one in a&e was very poorly, leading to 90% removal of the tumour. 
    Took me a few months to walk again so the focus was on rehab and getting my body stronger again.
    Had seizures agin jan and feb although my MRI seemed stable. Advised to go for RT and chemo and here we are. I twitch a lot but no seizures from 1g keppra BD and the RT.
    Ask away if it helps!

  • Hello!
    Thank you so much for your message regarding G, you were and are the best support by him!
    I know its early days but im skeptical, however don't want to be naive either. And don't want to waste weeks and months worrying over (hopefully) nothing.
    Day by day seems to be the best way to go! Thank you, I hope you are doing the same!
    Its good but ill give it a re-read now that im a few weeks in and see how im thinking!

    THANK YOU! Hugs back!! xx

  • Hi, my husband eventually lost his hair around the targeted radiotherapy site but it quickly grew back. He used to complain of the site feeling quite sore. 
    Sorry to read you are having to go through this. Stay strong xx

  • Thank you for your message! I finished radiotherapy today and I have lost most of my hair. She's trying to hang in there tho, most of it is like a wee baby chicks hair, very blonde and fine and sparse! Enjoying a few weeks before chemo now, thank you! Sending love x