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I am currently on day 5 of treatment cycle 2. I am on actriple dosage of chemotherapy. Temozolamade 400mg.

5days on, 23 days break, per cycle. 6 to 12 cycles depending on how scans look after the 3rd cycle.

Anybody else having the same treatment? How are you finding it? The side effects are hitting me around day 10 after treatment, mostly just fatigue.  

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  • I had this TMZ treatment cycle at the end of last year. Everyone has different reactions to their TMZ treatment, so I hope that other than fatigue, which is very common, there have been no other serious side effects for you. We received good advice from this site to take the tablets on an empty stomach before sleep. That was agreed with our consultant first, who agreed with the approach as long as we were consistent. We did that and it helped reduce the fatigue.

    I hesitated in writing the next words as I don’t want to scare people. Everyone is different and this happened to me. I was preparing for cycle 5 of 6 and my blood tests  suddenly showed a very low platelet and white cell count. I was warned that if I fell ill or suffered bleeding, to go to A&E fast. That night I did fall ill ( coughing, shivering and having a temperature). At A&E they rapidly diagnosed after a further rapid  blood test - a chest infection and Neutropenic Sepsis. After a week in hospital I was released, free from the two infections with my blood counts improving. Fortunately in the weeks that followed my blood counts returned to normal. After that my consultant wanted to complete cycle 5 and 6 of TMZ, but with a lower every day dose , without breaks. That worked without subsequent problems.

    i would repeat that everyone responds differently to treatment. I very much hope that you and others who read this get through with minimal side effects. 

    1. Hi Chris, I had the same chemo yes fatigue and I often felt sick. Ginger tea helped me. For the fatigue I was told to have regular rests inbetween activites/chores.
  • I’ve blogged mine. Same story. TMZ didn’t do anything for me