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Hello there... this is my first post in the group Wave.

I've read through a lot of the post but don't see many of you talking about the symptoms we have to deal with because our brains are a little mashed!

At the start I couldn't walk, talk properly and was totally confused and disoriented.  Since starting chemo last year (I'm stage 4) I can lead a decent life but I struggle with some symptoms still . The worst is my short term memory which no longer exists and balance/co-ordination. 

What symptoms do you have if any and how do you deal with them.....??? 

  • I keep a blog of what goes in for me but you are right. I think I’ll put how I’m doing in there

  • Had brain surgery nearly 2 weeks ago, but have not yet started radiotherapy, so just the steroids, anti-seizure, calcium and vitamin D ATM. I have been shocked by how my physical health and mobility have been impacted. I am 56 and was fairly fit and active prior to diagnosis.

    I need to use a zimmer frame indoors and even with that, I need to be v careful as my knees sometimes turn to jelly. I need to sit down quickly rather than just collapse in a heap. I use a stroller outdoors and try to walk up and down the garden if I feel up to it and it’s dry. The gentle activity helps to open up my lungs , stretch my torso and relieve back ache.

    Not a symptom but an effect, mostly I am bored. I can’t really concentrate on anything and am easily distractible. I do some puzzle books and a bit of reading but mostly think about what I will eat next!!!