Treatment grade 2 oligodrodenglioma

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I have recently been diagnosed as grade 2, and had neurosurgery where 90% of the tumour was removed. 

I know chemo and radio are likely for the future but worrying if this means now or years down the line. 

Does anyone have specific experience of grade 2 tumours 

  • Hi SNunKnown welcome to the forum.  I hope that you are doing well after your surgery and recovering. I imagine that they will want to give chemo and maybe radiotherapy when you are recovered from the surgery so I dont think it will be years down the line if thats  any help.   


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  • Hi,

    I had surgery to resect my tumour (mine was 5cm in diameter) on the 8th June last year, they managed to remove 70% of my tumour, then told me I'd need RT and chemo.

    They didn't want to wait more than 3 months before I started radiotherapy.

    Might depend on how big your tumour was before surgery, if it was only small, say 1-2 cm, given 90% was removed only 0.2mm at the most should remain (if my maths are correct), I'm not an expert but they may offer a 'wait and see' approach to see if it remains stable.

  • That’s a good point. Thank you for sharing. My tumor was large but when you word out like that it helps. Thank you.