Brain tumour Astrocytoma grade 2

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Hello all I've been diagnosed with an astrocytoma grade 2. My surgeon has said that he did an 100% resection of the tumour so I don't need radiotherapy or chemotherapy due to being under 40 aswell. I'm 8 weeks post surgery and I'm still absolutely exhausted I'm just wanting to hear other people's experiences with this type of tumour. 

Thank you

  • Hi

    my husband had astrocytoma grade 2 (some elements of grade 3) and had surgery to remove in January 2021. He was 50 years old when he had surgery. 

    he had 6 weeks of radiotherapy and 12 months of chemotherapy (Temozolomide)

    He went back to work full time, 6 weeks after surgery and continued working full time  throughout all his treatment. 

    He is now almost 2 years post surgery and doing amazing. 
    he is a really fit and active guy so it really helped his recovery. He was back riding his bike just a couple months later, nothing stopped him. 
    He did feel more tired when he was on his chemo but he said it helped to just have a routine of doing activities like bike or gym. He also knew if he was really tired just to rest.

    he has MRI scans every 3 months now just because some of the cells had grade 3 elements but physically and mentally he is as fit and healthy as he was prior to the tumour.

    my husbands surgeon said he believed they had removed 99.9% of his Tumor but they like to throw everything at it for any small cells remaining that can’t be detected on the scans. (Maybe that’s because of the elements of the grade 3 too)

    I hope you are feeling positive after your surgery and looking forward to enjoying your life. Listen to your body but also try and set little goals or have a routine to help you in your recovery. 
    good luck x

  • Hi Anna thank you for replying back, I'm struggling with my left hand an left leg due to where the tumour was. This can make things impossible to do. I have never felt this much exhaustion in all my life. I'm so glad your husband has recovered really well and he sounds very positive aswell xx

  • It’s not a nice thing to go through at all and I’m glad that they’ve taken 100% out. I’ve a grade three astrocytoma. And yes tiredness and ability after surgery let alone the chemo can affect everyone differently. I only hope that this tiredness passes and your treatments go well to overcome the aftermath, I’m trying to blog my progress

  • Hello W J thank you for replying.. I hope your ok and well. Its awful the tiredness the little things like brushing my teeth makes me want to go back to sleep lol I was hoping that I was going sort of back to normal what ever normal is lol where are you blogging your progress? xx

  • Hopefully it’s on my profile lol I’m new to the format on this and don’t want to fill my profile with everything (war and peace)