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My daughter and a 24 and had debulk of a stage 2 brain tumour done back in April , had 6 weeks of intensive radiotherapy which after week 3 caused her hair loss, she’s been suffering from focal seizures and has had a couple of unconscious seizures all off which are side effects of her radiotherapy. She’s on kepra , steroids and another drug for seizures unsure of what it’s called , 

the seizures have damaged her left side ,so she is sometimes feeling off balance and cannot get into the bath or shower without feeling like she’s going to have a seizure, my question is how can I help her in order to be overcome this fear as she currently only has a strip wash and I feel it’s not enough . She needs to be able to wash properly and wash what hair she has as it’s growing back slowly.  Any thoughts would be extremely appreciated. 

  • HI Fisharefriends

    a warm welcome. So sorry to hear about all that is going on with your daughter. I suspect the key here is patience.... endless patience.

    It might be worth a chat with your GP about getting an occupational health assessment to see if they can provide any aids to support her in the bath or shower while she regains her health and confidence. Even something as simple as a stool in the shower to allow her to sit if need by while she gets washed. 

    There's some general guidelines on the main website that might help. Here's the links:

    After treatment | Macmillan Cancer Support

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    This is a safe and supportive space so I am sure some of the other members will be along shortly to offer their words of wisdom here. You can also reach out via the Ask an expert option within the online community.

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    sending love and light and hugs to you both. Stay strong.

    Love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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