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Hi there so I am six weeks post surgery doing well. They removed 75 percent of the tumour which was low grade but have said there are some concerning bits that are looking more like a grade 3 and wrapped round blood vessels. I start Radio Therapy next week then Chemo. Has any one else experienced this and if so was there treatment sucessful  I have an Oli thanks in advance.  

  • Hi, my husband is 50 and had a grade 2 astrocytoma removed in January this year. They said there were some concerns it was bordering on grade 3 but as the WHO grading stands it was a 2. They managed to remove 99.9% (to the naked eye it was all removed but as it is a diffuse Astro there could be cells invisible to the eye or on a scan)

    He was back at work after 5 weeks of surgery and had 6 weeks of radiotherapy. He has physically coped amazingly and as he is super fit, still manages to get long bike rides in. He did an 80 mile one a week after his radiotherapy ended. Mentally he has struggled as he has never had any illnesses and he’s had to deal with things in his own mind in his own way which has been tough on the family at times as we have felt shut out but he wanted to deal with things in his own way and he seems to have come out the other end these last few weeks.

    He is now just finished his 3rd cycle of chemo (9 more to go unfortunately) but again he’s going great & Still cycling (out whilst I’m typing this) 

    His hair has grown back from the radiotherapy, although he only lost a band around his head where the machine had gone anyway and he’s feeling more positive now he’s in to the routine of it all. After a few days on a chemo cycle his appetite does go and he gets constipated unfortunately and a bit more tired but he’s still working full time and doing his fitness. He is a bit more anxious about covid though due to his immune system. 

    Side effects from radiotherapy is a ringing in his R ear but they warned him about that before the radio and said he may eventually loose his hearing. A small price to pay. 

    Tje biggest impact for him has been the loss of independence due to his driving licence been taken away for 1 year. I’m in the process of contesting it for him as for all intents and purposes his tumour has gone and he doesn’t have seizures of any kind. We will see what happens although not holding out much hope.

    How are you doing after the surgery and how are you feeling mentally?

    Anna Slight smile

  • Hi there.

    I am recoving well after the operation, scar healing nicely no problems or complications just a headache in the morning now and again. Mentally I don't really know. Some days I live my life to the fullest spend as much time with my families as you never know how long you have left. Some days I just can't believe what's happening but I try and stay positive and get on with it and just enjoy the time I have.