Glioblastoma Grade 4

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My husband started his treatment three days ago. We have just been notified of an MRI appointment in three weeks time (halfway through treatment). Is it normal to have an MRI scan during the 6 weeks of Radiotherapy?

Any help appreciated.

  • HI Sozzy

    yes- an MRI is normal mid-treatment cycle so no need to panic. My husband went through the same cycle. Since the treatment cycle completed he has had 3 monthly MRIs to monitor things. He hates those scans. Last time round he requested that we wait 6 months between scans which has been hard for the rest of us but we have to respect his wishes.

    Hope your husband copes well with the treatment. My husband was great throughout the 6 weeks. He got really fatigued around week 4 and that lasted for about 4 weeks after the treatment finished.

    sending you both a huge virtual hug.

    love n hugs

    Wee Me xx

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  • That’s really helpful thank you, I was a little concerned as no one had mentioned that this week when discussing his treatment plan.

    Love to you too.