Sent For Second Brain MRI - Problem or Mistake?

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Please advise, I am panicking. I go for a brain MRI every 12 months due to Lynch syndrome/family history and I had one on 6th March, no results back yet. Today I received a letter for another brain MRI appointment on 4th May. I don't know if it's an appointment that's been sent in error or if there is something wrong so they need to do another scan but haven't told me yet that they found something. Or maybe the scan failed somehow so they just need a do-over. I've emailed my consultant's secretary but obvs not expecting a reply until Tuesday now so just feel like I am going to be panicking until then. I know from experience (have had three other types of cancer) that sometimes departments can send appointments for scans/tests before your consultant has actually discussed with you that you need it, so am worried that is what happened here. I just don't want to spend my Easter weekend worrying. :(

  • Hi gothsam,

    It can be alarming when you get sent another letter about a scan so soon after having one. I once had to have an MRI redone as they wanted to use contrast and they had left that out of the first scan by mistake. It could be an error of some sort as you mentioned but it is completely understandable to be apprehensive.

    Easier said than done, but try and enjoy Easter as much as you can and then on Tuesday make sure you speak to someone to clarify the situation. Hope you are doing alright and get some answers soon.

  • Thank you, that helps. :)