Please help! My mom needs brain surgery ASAP, but won’t do it until she gets 5 more supporting opinions

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My Mom won’t agree to removing a possible glioblastoma from her brain until she gets the same advice from 5 doctors, but as I understand it time is not on her side!

All her internet research has led her to not fully trust the healthcare system. Please, help me show her that the internet does contain knowledgeable people with compassion Pray.

My mom has been in the hospital since this Weds (Nov 18th). She came in with what they thought was a stroke; losing function on her left side. After MRI, they discovered a

“heterogeneously enhancing mass in the medial posterior right frontal lobe measuring 2x1.4x1.7cm in size. This mass is associated with a prominent pattern of surrounding vasogenic edema as well as elevation cerebral blood flow and bloom volume consistent with a malignant tumor...”

Her current neurosurgeon wants to operate ASAP to remove the mass and test it. They are 1 out of 15 hospitals in the US that use interaoperative MRI, which allows them to monitor the brain and connection to body parts during surgery, which sounds like it can reduce the risks associated with brain surgery when it comes to loss of function, etc.

If anyone here has experience with glioblastoma, or has any helpful info to share, please give your best advice here or by DM Pray.

I believe her life depends on acting quickly now.