Bowel obstruction

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Hi I have symptoms of a bowel obstruction I suspect caused by gynaecological cancer but I can't get any help from anyone. I keep being fobbed off with parathyroid disorder as calcium levels are sky high. I have not had a bowel movement properly for over 2 years except for manual evacuation under anaesthesia which is what happens when I see the drs. Colorectal consultant just fobbs me off with constipation telling me scans showing constipation. Utter rubbish!  I have laxatives and enemas which don't work

 Can't eat anything as colon is full up all the time. 

  • Hi Asp21,

    It’s Megan here from Macmillan’s Online Community team. I’m sorry to hear about the symptoms you are experiencing which are understandably causing some concern.

    Our forums are spaced for people affected by cancer to share personal experiences. Just to help you find the support you are looking for, I wanted to ask if you have been diagnosed with gynecological cancer?

    I’m afraid the Online Community team aren’t clinically trained professionals so we wouldn’t be able to give you the right guidance about the symptoms you are experiencing but we would like to help you find the support you are looking for. I hope the following information can be helpful.

    We would always encourage you to speak to a health care professional about any worsening symptoms as they will be best placed to arrange any necessary investigations and support.

    To get medical support out of normal working hours, you can contact:

    You are also very welcome to contact the Nurse here at Macmillan as they can provide trusted cancer information and talk through your concerns. Whilst the Nurses on the Macmillan Support Line can’t access personal medical records, they’ll be able to answer clinical questions about a cancer.

    You can speak to the Nurses on the Macmillan Support Line every day from 8am to 8pm. To get in touch you can call 0808 808 00 00, send an email or start a live webchat during the opening hours.

    I do hope the above information is helpful and if you need any help accessing support on the Online Community, please don’t hesitate to email

    Best wishes, 

    Macmillan's Online Community team