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  • I have my face to face tomorrow with team following  my positive and nurse will examine me, main worries I'm having is that I wouldn't be feeling like this if it wasn't bad as something sinister m I have terrible pain in left groin and every muscle hurts even fingers and toes which has my mind thinking it's spread and I've become really irritable struggling to find energy to do anything, has anything one else had this as my mind doing overtime 
  • I haven't but my heart goes out to you.... update us once you know...

  • Hi there 

    I was all over the place. The worst time was the nights, I’d be awake for ages imagining all sorts then eventually drift off to wake and realise my anxiety would start all over again. 
    Once I knew what my treatment plan was then I got my head around it after all I couldn’t get rid of the cancer my medics would sort that. 
    I tried my best to eat well exercise a little especially pelvic and I listened to mindfulness or hypnotherapy anything to give me head space 

    Good luck with your appointment 


  • I'm in a bad place .I  hada positive fit test and seen word cancer referral ever since .since then sleep has been non existent, no eating at all , my sleep prior had been not as great but not like tZzzs .I have pains in fingers  u name it  and groin I feel salivaZzz is always there Sob .I am hoping it's stress some of it but my mind is telling me something else .I'm so scared Fearful

  • Hi Brownowl.

    You're perfectly normal to have these thoughts and anxiety. The thing is to concentrate on what's real and true rather than what your imagination tells you could be true.

    I found the relaxation exercises in my post at https://community.macmillan.org.uk/cancer_types/bowel-colon-rectum-cancer-forum/f/general/274907/controlling-anxiety-and-panic really helped me deal with the what ifs and anxiety.

    Take a look and I hope it helps.