April 2024 Catch up thread !

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Welcome to April and welcome to all new members to the forum .

In the catch up thread we encourage , share and live life despite a difficult diagnosis.

Please feel free to join in and share . Photos are great too but unfortunately we can’t share photos of others due to the community rules . However everything else is great .

The wheelchair is working out well for long distances and frankly a game changer . Also found an exercise machine outside for wheelchair users . No excuses. Let’s stay active despite it all .

Had a glorious weekend of weather and now remembering Cetuximab leaves the skin sensitive for a long time after treatment ceases . Mum now looks as though she has had a restful week in the sun !!! Yikes . 

Hope treatment or recovery is being kind to everyone .

Take care ,


  • Well not sure where March went. I did try the cancer Hope course, but switched to a long covid Hope course, which will hopefully be more applicable . Certainly the people are already more reactive to the posts, comments, etc. The course content of the cancer one was good, thought provoking, but not quite what I wanted. Fingers crossed the LC one will be more useful. 

    Good on your mum,  , she is game to try anything!

    Saw these today, and couldn't decide which to post, so I will try and do both. Charlie of course!


  • Well here’s the Flower Quiz answers in case anyones still struggling or waiting to hand the medals out!

    1. Rose

    2. Hyacinth

    3. Violet

    4. Tulips

    5. Daffodil

    6. Hydrangea 

    7, Bluebell

    8. Foxgloves

    9. Sweet pea 

    10. Marigolds

    11, Crocus

    12. Gladioli

    13. Lilac

    14. Primrose

    15. Orchid

    16. Iris

    17. Carnation

    18. Daisy

    19. Magnolia

    20. Jasmine

    21. Poppy

    22. Anemone

    23. Busy Lizzy

    24. Wallflower

    25. Lavender

    26. Snapdragon

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  • Thanks for doing that,  , a good bit of fun! And no I didn't get them all, quite.

  • I'll just leave this here......


  • Intuitively placed as ever  .

    Well we made it there and back . A lovely holiday although very wet in parts .

    I Drove home and unpacked one wee mum . A long drive so early to bed I think !

    You can achieve a lot when you just keep putting one foot in front of the other !

    I noticed quite a few outfits bought on holiday for mum . She has big plans it seems ! Rofl

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  • Loving the colours popping up now even although it’s not my garden .

    A neighbour bought me a bleeding heart plant when my dad died . It’s opening up nicely .

    More bright tops bought for summer by one very small lady . She has big plans this year .

    The rain is off for now so we are going to hospital to visit a family friend . Make a change it not being around mum .

    I will say I am so not missing all the hospital visits . Definitely more quality log life going on over here .

    We have a gardener lined up to cut the grass twice a month with a grandson doing the other . I just don’t have all the energy required this year 

    Best foot forward and hope you are all getting a bit of dry weather .


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  • Was out for a lovely walk in the torrential rain and there standing next to me was a duck ! What is going on .

    Just a little blue sky please Pray.


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  • Great walk todayof 10500 steps in SE woodland with bordering fields withb dry part sunny part cloudy warm weather Rewarded by early bluebells and by quite a few butterflies (12 Brimstones, 3 small blues, 1 large white, 3 orange tips and 5 peacocks - glorious!. Interestingly the peacocks were seen all landed on grassy ground.. We may be in for a good year for butterflies. Las year I saw only one brimstone and one orange tip) Enjoy those beauties!

  • Sounds fantastic   and a good amount of steps in too ,

    i can’t believe you have seen so many butterflies. We seem to attack them in September but not so aware of them before then although I do look.

    Managed to see a peacock in Portugal last year but before that it’s been years ,

    Great post . I thoroughly enjoyed reading it .


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  • I hope ‘attack’ them is a typo  JoySee no evil x

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