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Hi everyone

I'm Steph from the Community team Slight smile

Here is a new thread for carers, family and friends. This is a space for you to chat, share experiences and support each other through issues related to your loved ones bowel cancer.  The previous thread will shortly be locked as it was getting rather long which can make it difficult to navigate.

Please remember that we also have other dedicated spaces on the Community for carers, family and friends. These spaces exist so you can support each other away from members of the forum who might be dealing with their own cancer diagnosis: 

Family and friends forum

Carers only forum

Supporting someone with incurable cancer forum

You would be welcome to set up another new thread like this in one of the above forums. Please just let us know if you would like any help?

We hope you will continue to find lots of support from each other and the Community. We're here to help, so please do let us know if you have any questions or support needs by emailing us at 

  • Hello everyone.  We have been moved to the new thread. Is anyone there from the old thread xx

  • Hi I am here feels like we have maybe been on the thread too much everyday pity we cannot pick up the phone to chat but we are all in the same boat but at different stages but we all understand the Cancer journey so I hope we can carry on supporting each other xx

  • I cannot see why not jkee. It would be lovely to be able to chat on the phone. In fact, daughter popping up tomorrow with Les to get some things from the bungalow as now probate has been granted and it will be going up for auction very soon, well when Les says so.  His sister is not a nice person and has done nothing to help us since she died last year in July. Oh well I won’t go there. 

    take care everyone when you all come to the new thread. Huge hugs Maggie xx

  • Hi all, I'm here. Lol, I think our old thread is one of the most active ones on this forum. I'm so grateful I met you all on here, everyone is so supportive. And the general chit chat about things like puppies, gardening, every day life is a good distraction. Thank you!

    Hope you all had a good day and things worked out ok. Have a good evening x

  • Yes Just saw this. Still here.

  • Hi Vicky how did hospital go xx

  • Well back from hospital. Jay no different just so tired lapsing in and out of sleep but I stay there I've got to. Surprised myself and actually drove down today. There is a route that means you don't have to go on the motorway so went that way. Decided today was the day I was going to do it and needed to do it sometime. A bit hairy going down as I was in amongst `real traffic` but I made it even got a parking space in the multi-storey car park- even if I did go the wrong way round the one way systemFlushed daresay everyone has done it but so pleased with myself even drove back home in the rain didn't know how I would manage with that but went ok. Took Jay's guiness in for him took two cans in and one of the nurses put one in their fridge for him and he was able to have some of the other one through a drinking cup with straw attached I found in the house. He was even able to hold it himself as he says he is starting to drop things more so he could hold that and his capri sun juice carton as well. He had some ice cream as well today a couple of spoonfuls was all though. H was more concerned that I ate other than him. He is still so concious about what is going on around him. He was so pleased when I told him I had driven down to the hospital but concerned at the same time. He asked me if I had the P plates up and I said yes I told him I will use them until I feel I don't need them anymore and before I came away he was telling me to drive carefully. William has set up his wee `senior flip phone` for him said to him I would phone when I got home to let him know I made it back ok but he's not answering he's either sleeping again or he's finding it hard to flip it open he says he knows how to work it but he was finding it a bit `fiddly` today with his reflexes just being that bit slower.

  • Gosh your so brave driving there and back. Well done to you Vicky. Not sure I could do it. You must be so proud of yourself. I would be. Glad he had something and awake on and off. Just take care 

    offf to bed huge hugs Maggie xx

  • Hi Maggie. It seems the thread you started has been such a success, as fallingleaves88 said definitely the most active one. It really is what we all need although I was not on it from the beginning I really appreciate the friendship I have been shown  by everyone. Been a busy day for me today so will catch up with everyone tomorrow. Sleep tight. PaulineKissing heart

  • Hi ,

    Just my own opinion but I think it’s great to see you getting the support you all need from each other .

    One way I manage the “catch up thread “ is to start a new one each month .  Prevents it from getting too long .It started over covid and got a bit long so this helps . 

    If you think this would be a solution you could have a think about it . Happy to set it up when I do the “catch up “one for you  but also more than happy for you to manage it yourself if you wish .

    Its good to be able to link people in quickly to get the support and I find I see the other posts quicker too .

    Just a thought anyway and you can have a think about what works best for the thread .


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